There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Tweet Literature is a site dedicated to micro-fiction of 140 Characters or 140 words, depending on your prefered publication result: we will publish topics every week and readers can submit via Submittable or our pending backend system (we are still a fledgling little birdie of a magazine!). Should your 140 character be selected as the overall winner of the contest, it will be tweeted far and wide on our twitter feed and anthologized alongside runner-ups on our website.  Stories of 140 words will be featured on our website and newsletters.

We use Submittable as an engine to help us find stories. Occasionally we will host a contest directly through our website when prizes are not offered in return for publication. You can find the link to our page here:

Publication Rights:

Publication rights are highlighted in our contributor’s contract which author’s receive upon their work being accepted for publication.  Our rights are non-exclusive to protect the writer’s pursuit of publication and notoriety. However, authors should note that this non-exclusivity might not apply to other magazines, and they should count their submission as a simultaneous submission, or upon being accepted, a previous publication of the work. Nevertheless, these are some of the rights contained within said contracts:

A. For a period of 20 years from the date of the Agreement, the non-exclusive right to publish the Work on Publisher’s World Wide Web site and sell the Work throughout the world in digital format (digital format includes Internet, disk, electronic download, CD, or any other digital format known or unknown at this time).

B. A non-exclusive right to include Work in anthologies, reprint editions, adaptations, or collections of articles to perpetuity.

C. The nonexclusive right to use selections from the Work in the advertising and promotion of Publisher, Publisher’s Website, and Author.

D. All right to Work not specifically granted above are reserved by you. You retain copyright to the Work and responsibility for acquiring said copyright.